Monday, April 18, 2011

39 weeks, 2 days

I thought last night might be it because Liv woke up with a horrible cough (and then proceeded to throw up). I guess I have an odd sense of when its all going to happen...thinking that it will be at the worst possible time (after a night of no sleep for example). I know that's not necessarily the case, but am trying to imagine worst case scenario just in case:). But no baby, so the wait continues. And after a rough night, Liv is doing okay. Seems to be just a cold with a noisy cough. I have my 39 week midwife appointment in Seattle today. The drive is not my favorite, but its nice to listen to music and have some time to think on the way over and back (the drive is about 1 1/2 hours). Last night I did some double coupon shopping after the kids went to bed since I can't sleep for the first few hours of the night anyway! I spent just under $7 for everything below and got stocked back up on snacks (we were totally out minus things like fruit and cheese!). 4 bags frozen veggies=free 2 boxes wheat thin stix $0.49/each 5 boxes Ritz crackerfuls 3 free, 2 $0.99 each 2 packs oreos $0.99 each Idaho instant potatoes $0.49 each 1 pack stove top stuffing $0.49 each McCormick spices (all free!) Ritz munchables $0.49 each.

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