Tuesday, April 26, 2011

40 weeks, 3 days

First, some of the fun the girls have been having, playing in a fort in the backyard of the friends we are staying with and reading together (M is loving the childrens' picture Bible right now)

Having fun reading together...not very ladylike Liv!

M was born the day after her due date (by c-section after an induction for PIH), and Liv was born three days after her due date. I was thinking the trend would be for earlier deliveries with each child?!? I guess if we had 10 more children I had better plan on 43 weeks or so:)

We spent 3 hours at the Family Beginnings Birth Center monitoring my BP after it was high for my visit with the midwife. The monitoring (both mom and baby), blood and other tests all came back fine. So they released us to be seen in the clinic on Thursday morning, which is fine with me. The good thing is the midwife checked and a lot more progress had been made, as much as after a whole day of labor with Liv! So we are encouraged by that and hoping that will cut a few (maybe more than a few!!) hours off labor this time, since Liv's was 44 hours long. So...could be the next few days, but no guarantees. Looks like if baby hasn't made his appearance by Monday though we'll try the foley catheter to try to get things moving. If my BP shoots up again before then it will probably be sooner that we'll try some things. Hopefully we'll have something exciting to share soon:)

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