Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun around our temporary house

We are still in waiting for baby mode, possibly for up to 2 weeks more! So we are trying to get in a balance of family time, visiting friends here in Bremerton and rest (for me). I also have a monthly membership to the YMCA so I can do some swimming. Yesterday I tried "Aqua Zumba" which was a lot of fun. Girls playing "princess": The girls "hiding" between a shelf and the kitchen sink. Good thing they aren't clausterphobic! Some of the fun things we've gotten to do while here: go out to lunch with a friend from our old fellowship group, walk to a local bakery, feed chickens and get fresh eggs, visit friends with 4 kiddos, Daniel and I went on a date while a friend watched the girls (they got to play with kitties, watch "Tangled" and eat cookies and milk....rough!). Daniel and I both have gotten to attend weekly mens' and womens' Bible studies here as well. The biggest blessing that although we are spending so much time at "home" the girls are playing really well together and having a lot of fun pretending together!

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