Sunday, April 17, 2011

39 Weeks! (and counting...)

The baby countdown has begun. Sometime in the next two weeks baby boy will be here! Yay! The next two weeks only because since I am going for a VBAC they will try some things at 41 weeks if he's not here on his own. Praying that it won't be nearly that long though!

With the previous two pregnancies I was very busy the last couple weeks (working full time with M and packing up a house/caring for M most hours by myself while Daniel renovated our house) so this waiting is hard. The Lord is working patience for me (and us!).

The wonderful thing is that Daniel has been able to care for the girls while I rest this time and put my feet up. Very little swelling and my blood pressure has been holding steady at just below high levels (136/84 was my last reading).

From here until the baby comes I'll post some sort of update here, if nothing else to keep myself busy:)!

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