Monday, February 20, 2012

Menu Plan

We are halfway through our uber-busy both in school full time month. Thank goodness! Next month will be interesting because we may both be in group 2 (there are often only 4 groups for 8 +levels of French at our school) which means we'll have to have someone drop out for the month to do tutoring or split classes half the week (one of us likes that idea...the other not so much;). The good news is that the "problem" will force us to slow down a little!

Here is Louis "attacking" the moving box:) It really is true that a box can be the best toy!

Monday: Chicken, baked potatoes, and whole carrots in the crockpot, whole wheat toast & real butter
Tuesday: Lentil Chicken spinach soup in the crockpot (using homemade broth from yesterday's chicken), fresh bread from bakery.
Wednesday: Taco Salad (make big crockpot of pinto/kidney beans to use for this and for tomorrow)
Thursday: Chili, cornbread, peas
Friday: Cheeseburgers, homefries, fresh veggies, dip
Saturday: Beef Rice Casserole, broccoli
Sunday: Clean out fridge, popcorn

Breakfasts:Breakfast cake, eggs (always...we eat 70+ eggs a week, crazy!), smoothies made with kefir, bananas, pineapple, oatmeal, eggs in a window

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