Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our morning in pictures

We have been terrible about taking pictures since we started school full time, but this morning things seemed to be going relatively smoothly so I thought I would try to capture a bit of our morning:)

Beans in the crockpot (for taco soup and the rest for chili)

Snow outside our window!

My busy little school girls working on workbooks, puzzles and having their "fruit and veggie" snack we have every morning. The rule is: one veggie per fruit:) Marianna is off school this week and next.

Black bean dark chocolate brownies from valentines. We love these!

Louis is napping well this morning thankfully, and Daniel is at school!

We also do "morning chore" time every morning which includes one load of laundry off the rack, a new one back up, dishes and cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast. Since Marianna is home, I help and supervise rather than doing the bulk of it! Thankful for that!


Esme said...

Looks like a good morning!

Rachael said...

Twas, yes it was :) How was yours?