Saturday, February 11, 2012

New French friends

We had a great time tonight with new French friends. Daniel met the husband at Marianna's school when he realized Daniel spoke English. Then we realized our daughters were buddies at school. So we've been talking about having them over for a few weeks and we finally did and were so grateful we did. It was a fantastic time. It probably won't improve our French since they both knew a good deal of English, but we are excited to share friendship with them. I was especially thankful everything went so well because I had terrible insomnia last night and today my cold/fever got considerably worse. So so thankful...and ready for some rest tonight!

Olivia became fast friends with their younger child. They were in hysterics despite the lack of a common language:)

Louis and their younger child.

Marianna and her buddy Z, having a great time.

Around the dinner table with new friends. What a blessing!

We served Taco Salad and they brought wine and really good chocolate:).

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