Wednesday, July 3, 2013

First (real) haircut for Liv

Our big 4 year old has never had a real haircut. Sure I've trimmed back some "scraggles" into submission a time or two but in general, Liv's hair just doesn't grow much. She's had a bit more growth this past year though and we felt like getting one real good cut before heading to Africa would be fun and a good idea to have a "shape" to work with when I do follow-up cuts in the future. Liv decided that the haircut was a very very scary thing at the last minute and did not want the ladies to touch her! She finally wormed up with a Tom and Jerry haircut bib and a promise of gum from grandma.
Still a little nervous, but starting to warm up.
Starting to cut!
The ladies here were super nice, this was my first experience at a french hair salon also!  So thankful we found it...the first place we walked into seemed a little snobby and expensive.
The cut!  I held her hand for most of the time, but she did well.  She is getting prettier as she gets older, that's for sure!
Liv didn't really know what to think, but the hairdresser kept telling her how "sage" she was which is loosely meaning "good" when applied to kiddos. 
Blow drying the new "do" and our super sweet and adorable hairdresser.
She ended with a cute braid that went over the top of Liv's head...such a good idea!  I am totally clueless when it comes to doing hair so I have to get good ideas when I can! 

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