Thursday, July 11, 2013

Visit to l'abbaye de Hautecombe

We visited an abbey (the place where monks (and nuns)??) traditionally live in the area. My favorite part was the boat ride to the abbey..the water was such a beautiful green and the scenery was amazing. The actual abbey...well it was kindof a bummer that we could only see a little bit of it on a guided tour. Personally the trip was a difficult one because of kid stuff...Liv threatened to throw up the whole 40 minute bus ride up to the boat and Louis screamed like I was trying to kill him all the way back (and I literally had people staring at me, giving dirty looks and making comments THE WHOLE TIME. Very very embarrasing and right now nothing...discipline, change in scenery, comfort...nothing snaps him out of it. He's two and a very very intense personality. He also threw a "meltdown" tantrum as we left the tour of the abbey and had to take the audio-guide away. I thought Miss O was intense but then Louis came along. Thankfully he's also extremely cute and sweet when he isn't freaking out, so we keep him:). So here's a few snapshots of our trip, as you can see we did have some really nice moments and some beautiful things to see.

Some shots of the girls waiting for the boat at the pretty marina.

Thankfully no one got sick on the boat.  Liv and I were "bus sick" most of the way up there though. 

Waiting for a very late boat, but "c'est pas grave" because we had a picnic and shade!

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