Thursday, July 25, 2013

Saying Goodbyes

Although we are so excited to get to Dakar, Senegal in 1 1/2 (wow...really!?!) weeks, we have a mixture of emotions with all the goodbyes.  And we don't just mean having to say goodbye to the best "fromage" or delicious french cheese:).  Daniel and I are both on the shy end of things (although I am an extrovert!) so we aren't usually the type to always hang out and talk to a million people, there are a number of people we will miss very much when we leave.  A few of these precious friends are french, or at least live here in France! 

One of those friends is Georgette who brought us this lovely bounty pictured above (including the flowers!).  We were blessed to receive beautiful garden produce from her and to see her one more time before we leave. The hardest goodbyes are ones that may be the last! 

Another friend, one from church has been making an effort to get together with me at a park as often as she possibly can these last few weeks to practice french and let the kids play on the playground.   She is past the age of retiring yet she still works part time cleaning houses.  This week she got up earlier than normal so she could both do her work and spend time with us.  I am humbled to have friends like these in my life. 

Another friend made me some head coverings and a long skirt to wear in Senegal just barely above the cost of materials and has patiently suffered through many phone conversations in french even though her english is still better than my french! 

This is not to mention the many missionary friends we will leave behind (many of whom we thought we would work with when we were headed to Cameroon won't now).  So many great friends to say goodbye to. 

So thankful for the time we've had here.

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