Friday, July 19, 2013

Menu Plan and 2 1/2 weeks until Senegal!

We are in the throughs (what does that mean and how is it spelled anyway!?) of packing right now but there are dozens of random things that have to get done (yesterday!) right now that we'd never have thought of. Changing our bank accounts, reordering small appliances that are kaput, cameras, running erands to cancel utilities, planning last minute get togethers, doctors appointments, etc. We're thankful to have a lot of packing done so that some of the other things are not overwhelming! But we are definitely ready to actually finally be in Senegal! Youpi!!! Here is my menu plan for the last 2 weeks we'll be here, using up what's in the fridge freezer plus lots of fresh stuff (eggs, cheese, milk, fruits and veg) to supplement.
Tacos X1
Taco Salad X1 or 2
Cobb Salad
Smoked Chicken and Potatoes, salad Soup X1 or 2
Gluten free pasta and sauce, salad (or fresh veg from market)
Pizza X1 or 2
Picnic Dinner X??
Hamburgers, homefries, fresh veggies
I need to figure out something to do with some frozen pork chunks, some artichokes (canned) and some garbanzo beans (got any ideas?!)


~Jaime~ said...

WOW!! Senegal?!?! I had no idea you guys had changed! Praying as you (and the kids!) get through the good-byes and transition yet again...

~Jaime~ said...

WOW!! Senegal?! I had no idea you guys had a change in location!! Praying as you say good-bye and transition again...