Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday...baking two compatible things at once

My kitchen tip for Kitchen Tip Tuesday over at Tammy's recipes is one that I use to save time--on dishes and baking.

When baking, I try to do two very simple recipes at once, such as (Tammy's) Banana Pineapple Bread and homemade granola, that have overlapping ingredients and cooking temps. For example, I will mix up the Banana Pineapple Bread and get that in the oven, leaving out the oil, sugar, and oats (I added some to the bread) and then --using the same bowl-- will mix up the granola and stick it in for part of the bread's cooking time. I don't mind the little bit of batter that's left on the bowl that I mix the granola in after the bread...which may not be the case for everyone though:)! Then I put all of the ingredients away and wash the dishes...which are considerably less than if I were to do these two separately while I keep an eye on the granola, which takes less time than the bread. I think this probably saves on electricity too!

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Jasmine's Journey said...

Yeah I usually try to bake a few different things at once. Sometimes it leads to trouble as I am doing so much I foget an ingredient! lol