Monday, January 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday---getting ready for pantry month

Monday: Leftovers (made too much chicken & rice and cheesy lentils last week)

Tuesday: Chili & Tomato Soup with homemade biscuits

Wednesday: Spinach cheesy pasta dish (from last week...didn't make this yet)

Thursday: Stuffed peppers (we have our own recipe...will post soon)

Friday: Crystal's homemade pizza (cheese & salami) & carrot sticks

Saturday: Grilled cheese & soup(I will be at all day ladies this is what hubby will be preparing:)

Sunday: Church fellowship group ---someone else is cooking!

This is a weird our menu isn't very month we will be almost solely cooking from the pantry/freezer, so that week will be more creative.


justkc said...

I am going to try to remember to check back and see your month from the pantry/freezer - I should work on that too!

D said...

What a blessing to see your comment! I am glad you have a blog too-- isn't it a fun way to keep in touch? I enjoy it, and I find myself coming up with all sorts of funny things to post... At first I didn't, but now I stop and think, boy that crazy rabbit trail in my head was funny, I should post that!

Anyway, so happy to hear from you! I am putting you on my daily check list :-)

Crosby Chica said...

justkc: I will be posting my pantry/freezer contents in the next few days, and then will start posting the meals I come up with from that--hope you enjoy:)

Denaye: your blog is on my favorites as well:)

brooke said...

Rachael! I followed a link from Denaye and found your blog. I'm going to get mine going soon...hopefully. It looks like you've been doing well. I'll be checking up often and get you the link to me when I get going.