Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What not to do in a rental car

Don't worry, this is a family friendly post.

So after our little dancing with the snowbank incident in our precious honda on Christmas eve, we had to get a rental car. To replace our car while it got its owies fixed. Its snowing outside as I wrestle with the carseat that was obviously made by someone much smarter than I, trying to safely install it in the backseat. I have baby, so I lay her on the front seat. I get in the backseat, shut the door, try to install said evil carseat, and realize I am locked in. After much frantic attempting to unlock the door, I give up, and throw my not so tiny self over the car seats. Not pretty. All the while trying not to step on our sweet, screaming baby.

All this happened after an entire box of mandarin oranges spilled from our car to the parking lot. I've had better days.

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