Monday, January 28, 2008

Soft Cookies

My kitchen tip for today is for softer cookies. I always take cookies out of the oven a minute or two before they are supposed to be done to cut down on too hard cookies. They seem to be underdone when they first come out, but a few minutes later they look (and taste!) soft and perfectly done! Other things I routinely do to our cookies is substitute some whole wheat flour and use 1/2 the chocolate chips to make them a little healthier (so we can eat more:)


Mrs. Taft said...

Thanks for the tip! :) I agree with this, ESPECIALLY if you use butter in your cookies. For some reason, overbaking ANYTHING with butter in it makes it crunchier. Bleh!

D said...

I like your part about cutting the chocolate chips in half. Actually, I don't ;-) I use ALL the chocolate chips, and then add another cup of butterscotch :-) bake them up, and send them with Gabe to work, only keeping a few for us! hee hee hee (cue ingenius laughter) *denaye*

BarbaraLee said...

Another thing that helps for softer cookies is my dd (13) flatens the cookie dough instead of dropping. I think this cuts down on baking time. She was so smug about it too. I used the same recipe and they were hard.