Saturday, September 13, 2008

Past Week's Shopping Fun

Garage Saling has taken a back burner now that walking is my mode of transportation during the week. The good thing is, it keeps me from accumulating more stuff, even if it was a good deal. Last weekend I found a sale w/in walking distance and was I ever glad I went. I got a bag stuffed with toddler girl clothes for $1! Across the street I got 25 disposable diapers for another dollar! That's the kind of garage sale that is good to find every so often.

All the above was from Albertson's for a little over $8! Thanks to Erin at Thrifty Soaper for the inspiration to go to Albie's!

The above was from Walgreen's using a giftcard, so $0 out of pocket, with a $4.50 register reward back that I used with this weekends $10/$40 sale at Walgreen's!


Erin said...

Yeah! Great job on the Albertsons buys!

Mrs. Taft said...

Nice buys :D And I love garage-saling myself. Sometimes you can find the best stuff for such a low price!!

alanajo said...

Great job!

Rachel said...

super super!