Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Home Renovation part 4: the kitchen/dining room


Notice how low the ceilings are above-very dark and closed in as well as the carpets and layers of previous wall coverings.


The space now feels very open and bright. The cabinets are the same to save money but they were all removed and put back in a different configuration to make better use of space. A new (when I say new I mean new to this house!) stove, microwave, sink, (brand new:) counters, floors, walls, lighting, wiring...etc. etc. etc.! We lived in this room (literally-we've even slept in here!) for 6 months. Daniel did a great job and had lots of help from friends at church to finish this room.

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cassandrasmom said...

What a pretty new kitchen! I love the new lighting. I was going to do something like that in our kitchen but we ran out of money so now new lighting is on hold for a little while. We found out during our remodeling that we have a very bad termite problem and need to replace a lot of wood. We are saving up to start that project. It's been so fun to see your home's changes and to see ideas I could use in my own house in the future.