Saturday, January 9, 2010

Loves me some grocery bargains 1st week of 2010!

Yes, I do indeed love a bargain. Last night was a very fun trip-thanks in part to Maygan, for sending me an envelope full of coupons (for winning a contest), many high value and some for free stuff! Thanks again Maygan! I made several mini-trips this week, to get a few things we were out of (rolls, cheese, veggies) and the rest were freebies that we will be needing soon. Now that Liv is starting on solids and M is eating more (2 large pancakes and two glasses of milk this morning!) we are going through more and more food:).

I have been discovering how great Fred Meyer's deals can be! Many can be found at Puget Sound Prudence.
Fred Meyer: $1.24 after coupons!!!
2 bags baby spinach
1 Kroger salad mix
4 jars free!! salsa (we go through this like water-plus I got paid $1 to buy it:)!
1 free international delight creamer
2 grapefruits
1 Kashi cereal
1 Star olive oil

Albertson's doublers trip $0.22 with overage on the Beechnut meal

Safeway/Walgreens $3.20 oop (used a catalina, got one back) -$1 steak, free crackers cookies and salsa! We needed the bananas, baking soda and tomato sauce

Albertson's $2.24 oop -just two things we were out of, used $0.75 catalina from earlier and in ad coupon for cheese

Albertson's/Fred Meyer: $13.82 but received $7.50 in catalinas which I used the next trip. The soup seems to violate my eat from the pantry project, but I was able to buy it cheaper than making homemade this time and I am almost out of the last bunch!:)

Albertson's: rolled that catalina $1.30 oop and got $5 cat back!

Liv will be eating cheerios soon and the veggies we need! The cookies...well other than having coupons for them they just helped me reach the $20 total-no excuse;)

Total for this week: $22.02
A lot higher than I would like for a pantry challenge week. My goal is to use the $5 catalina at Albies next week and less than $5 for other stuff the rest of the week.


maygan said...

wow, you rocked that first FM trip! Great shopping this week, I'm glad you put the coupons I sent to good use!

The Keevy Family said...

Wow. Great Job!!!

I have weeks like that too where I have more smaller trips, but I think it still makes a huge difference on the grocery bill, especially because most of the stores are close to each other.


Nicole said...

Thanks for linking the Prudent Puget Sound blog..I have a hard time finding blogs about saving money in the Seattle area so this is perfect!