Monday, January 18, 2010

Menu Plan for the week of 1/18/10

A few of last week's meals didn't get eaten because I often overestimate the amount our little family will eat (including leftovers). Even though we eat leftovers for lunch the next day I often eat soup instead for weight loss purposes. So we ate leftovers for dinner one (maybe two) nights last week? So several ideas show up again this week!

cold cereal, oatmeal pancakes, eggs, fruit, maybe super power muffins?



Monday: Leftover baked ziti (good but made wayyyy too much)

Tuesday: Baked potato bar with chili and broccoli, cheese

Wednesday: Spinach Rice & Cheese Casserole (to use the free spinach from FM!)

Thursday: Meatloaf and Mashed potatoes (meatloaf from freezer), broccoli or veggie burgers and home fries

Friday: Homemade Pizza, veggie sticks

Saturday: Quiche or frittata

Sunday: Turkey Tetrazinni from freezer or Pasta with alfredo sauce, cooked carrots

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Kim said...

The potato bar is a great idea! I am already running out of ideas and I've only been doing meal planning a few weeks:) It's great to see what others are planning and get some inspiration. I may even try quiche at some point. I've never made it before.