Friday, June 25, 2010

Shopping trip, dinner and kitchen

We are back in the sunny (not!) Puget Sound again. Some wonderful friends of ours have fixed us up a place in their upstairs...very private with our own bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. The kitchen is MUCH better than what I was working with the first few months of our tiny house (the one we bought and remodeled) but it reminds me of those times cooking out of a crockpot only for many months. Here I have a little fridge, microwave, crockpot and hot plate, which is more than sufficient for any cooking I need to do. And no oven, to make my in-laws (*hi*!;) proud of my no-oven summer cooking. But a lovely sink makes it leap years more convenient than my bathroom sink dish-doing days. Here's a picture:

This was dinner, a yummy stir fry with fresh veg from the CSA goods my parents got along with a few other random veg, lentils, ground beef and satay sauce. Yum. And if you are reading Tami or Sharon, there are garlic shoots in there!! Remember those nummies from our trip to SE Asia?!? Wish I knew how to prepare them like that!

Here is what I bought at QFC for $26.xx yesterday:

I brought two little boxes of non-perishables plus some veggies from my parents' house but needed quite a bit to start out here (we'll be here almost a month if things take as long as we think!). Great deals on Post cereal ($0.50/box), Mac N Cheese (5pack for $2.99 plus free Capri Sun), fresh broc ($.99/lb), Kettle Chips ($.67), eggs and sour cream for $1.00 each, La Victoria Salsa for $1.67 plus $1.00 off the ground beef I bought,marked down Fresh Express salad mix for $1.00, Ronzoni Smart taste for $0.75 after blinkie coupon,peaches, organic carrots, fleishmans' olive oil spread, angel soft tp, pork N beans, chocolate milk for coffee and marinara sauce round out the trip. Pretty good for $26!

What did you buy this week?


maygan said...

Not that you do- but if you need more produce, the Red Apple on Kitsap Way is having a crazy good sale through tomorrow (I posted about some of it). hehe, I bought a lot of the same things at QFC as you did (they had great prices this week too!).

Rachael said...

Thanks for the tip! I think I drove by that sale on the way to the lake today...I usually don't pay much attention to it but I'll have to check it out!