Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stress and pounds

Post stressful transition-filled June/May, I gained almost 5 of the 8 pounds I lost while in NC! Ugh. Slices of icecream cake, wedding cake and my aunt's de-lish chicken salad plus a lack of consistent workout time made that happen far too easily.

Just having weaned my 13 month old (happy 13 months Liv!) is throwing me off too. So with the nice(r) weather I am determined to get back into exercise consistently (especially now that the girls both enjoy stroller rides) and to cut back on the sweets and high calorie treats.

Here's to getting back on the healthy bandwagon!


WorkingMom said...

Rachael, I'll gladly hop on the bandwagon with you. The scale is moving but not in my favor, so it's time I make it go in the other direction! And I can't be on Hubby's case if I'm not setting a good example... or can I?

Rachael said...

Thanks for the bandwagon support WorkingMom! My hubby has an amazing metabolism so I can't get much on his case, but setting a good example for the kiddos is always good, right!?