Monday, July 12, 2010

Albies Doubler Fun & a few other deals

We finally firmed up plans and got the okay to go on a week long camping trip next week on the Oregon Coast! We have to okay stuff like that with our "boss" at Wycliffe because our full time jobs are kind of non-traditional--partnership development (raising our team of supporters). So...yay! Plus, that means I get to use our camping trip as an excuse to keep grocery bargain hunting;).

Albies doubler run: $2.77 after $5 catalina factored in!

Favorite deals:Kellogg's deal: Buy 8 participating products, each one is $1.50. All 5 Cinnabon Cereals were free after doublers and the Kashi Crackers were only $0.50 and nutrigrain bars were $0.75. Mission whole wheat tortillas $0.49 after peelie, Sun detergent $0.99, Activia free, Herbal Essence trial size shampoos and conditioners were about a $1 money maker after catalina, and the Tyson strips of chicken were $.90 a package.

QFC and Safeway:

Not exceptional deals but favorites were: Free dentyne gum, $2 for 2 lbs of organic Spinach (that's a lot of spinach...that stuff is very light!), $2.50 each for lb of string cheese (great high protein low cal snack), skim milk $1.50 for gallon, good tomatoes for $0.99/lb, mom to mom diaper ointment for $1.99 after coupon found in pharmacy (which we needed badly for Liv!),albacore tuna for $.88, shrimp 1/2 lb for $1.50 (lots of protein for the dieting mama!). Also free bananas with Nilla Wafers purchase (on super coupon for $1.99 at Safeway). We also got some really yummy lipton sparkling teas for $1.67 for a 6 pack...which is a great price for these. A treat for me since I can't have sugar! :)


The Keevy Family said...

Good job! Thanks for your comment on my Albies post. I did see that chicken as bogo but didn't decide to buy it.

Did you see that this coming week (starting today) that Albertsons has an in-store coupon for eggs at $0.88 each? I'm not sure I've ever seen them priced that low!

And Safeway is growing on me, I see some good deals there this week too. I like when they have the bags of spinach on sale for $1 each.

I am so glad that you can go camping and take some time off. And I assume that Daniel is feeling better now?


Rachael said...

That price for eggs is awesome at Albies! I actually decided not to go all the way to Fred Meyer (farther away in our town) because that sale was coming. I've been making eggs every day for breakfast (1/2 a dozen or so for the fam:) since I started a high protein eating plan so we go through eggs something crazy! The spinach at safeway is such a good price too...we may end up with the same shopping list!:)

And yes, thank you for asking Daniel is doing better. He is still in pain but he's been able to keep working on the house so its not debilitating.