Friday, July 30, 2010

What to do when a helicopter lands in your backyard

Take lots of pictures!

Today there was a raging fire just over the hills from my parents' house (also our house right now:). They live right on the Wenatchee River so we got to witness an awesome show--helicopters dipping water right out of the river in front of the house! Here are a couple pics plus one overhead. It was the coolest thing when the heli took off...right over our house!


J. LaRaine said...

Love that top picture! Fire season is probably the only time that I don't miss living in the Pacific Northwest. Hmmm...that might be the only positive thing about humidity.

WorkingMom said...

The pics are awesome! My bro, who flew helos for the Navy and qualified to do air fire support in them, told me how difficult what they are doing is. Hope they got things under control.