Friday, July 2, 2010


Livvie says "hi-five, ya'll!"

Most of you know that Daniel and I don't have traditional "jobs" right now (although that husband of mine works as hard or harder than most people I know!) but are full time missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators. What that means for us right now is that our assignment is partnership development and we are building a team of people who are behind us financially and prayerfully. They are essentially part of our "sending" team bring the Bible to people who don't have it Africa.

Since some of you don't get our updates (but if you'd like to please email me your info at beansnrice at live dot com) I thought I would share that we are currently at 78% of our total needed monthly support quota! At around 80% we will be starting the process of securing our visas and such to head overseas to do our language study. Thank you to our wonderful support team! Even when we don't know who or how, the Lord provides!

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