Friday, June 26, 2009

Coffee Cabin with Uncle Jon and Gramie Kathy

My hometown has the coolest little coffee shop that has two places for kiddos to play while having your cuppa joe. I've been there several times while here-and my most recent visit with my friend Denaye and kiddos(in real life and bloggy:) was sadly undocumented. We had 5 kids under school age and managed to keep from burning the place down! ;) (although my daughter was probably close to it by the end--I think she has a long was to go before sharing is part of her vocabulary.) It was fun to catch up with our friends!

Here are some pictures of an earlier visit with my brother (uncle Jon) and grandma Kathy.

Baby O, in more content days with Grandma.

Would you fly with these two pilots at the wheel?

A rare moment of relaxation.

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Glory said...

That airplane is SO cool. What fun M & Little Bit will have 'flying' it! Can Daddy fix it too?