Monday, June 8, 2009

We *heart* our gramies

Gramie Karen is here from Indy to take care of us. Thank goodness! My recovery isn't going like I'd hoped, so its been a blessing to have her here. I've spent most of the last week laying down or sitting and still am not healing super well. A trip to the store leaves me in lots of pain so I am going to the midwives for an early post-partum check up tomorrow. I think I know what has happened, but I won't speculate here until I know for sure.

Here are some pictures from Gramie Karen's time here.

Gramie and the girls

M at the beach wearing her auntie's dress-so cute!

Gramie brought this sweet cherry dress/nightie with her and its perfect for the hot weather we've been having. Oh and M now likes to wear her hair in a "piggie" on top--she looks so precious with her piggie tail sticking straight up!

Another picture of the cute cherry wearer:

All of us at the beach having a hot dog picnic, which O cried most of the time. Gramie Karen has become the expert in Moby Wrap Wearing since I am off my feet most of the time. O hollers for 5-10 minutes and then falls into a deep sleep.


Jennifer said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. It is hard to be a happy mom when you are in pain.

Roxanne Pearce Photography said...

Praying for healing! Its hard when things don't turn out exactly as planned! Hope you are back to feeling better soon.