Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Maybe she's really two months old?... and family news

Baby O is 1 month old! But maybe we were wrong and she's really already 2 months old. Why do I say that? Today she rolled over from her tummy to her back. And its not the first time. Plus she was almost 10 pounds at birth---so maybe we were wrong and she's really supposed to be two months old;)! I think she'll have blue eyes and dark brown wavy hair (sister has straight brown hair and brown eyes). I have green eyes (everyone else in my family has blue) and Daniel has brown eyes (his family has some of both). We'll see how those genetics play out:)

I'd post more pictures but I'm having technology issues again.

The girls and I are still staying with my parents in Eastern WA and will be here for another week. We will be house-sitting for some friends from church for the first three weeks in July and then ready or not-we'll be moving into our new house!

I am so excited to set up our new little house and finally get into a routine with some consistency again. The moving and not seeing daddy much has taken a toll on M's behavior which is no surprise. But we have been blessed in having other places to stay and so many people from our church and our families to take care of us.

We just got a reminder email from Wycliffe about the 2 week training on Partnership Development is coming up this September. We are planning on attending that training in Orlando and it will be exciting to start moving toward the mission field in a more active way.

Daniel is still working hard at his job at the airport and on the house. The bathroom is getting close and a lot of drywall is up in the house. They removed a beam and some low ceiling in the back of the house and its opened it up quite a bit and it looks much bigger. I can't wait to see the finished product.

What is your family up to? I haven't kept up to date with my blogging buddies, so I would love to hear from you.


The Keevy Family said...

Good to hear what is going on! I have plenty of memories of when my husband traveled on a regular basis, and it started when my now three year old was just a few weeks old. It's not fun, and I'm praying for you!
The house adventure sounds exciting. My husband and I are considering getting into some house turning and with his construction experience I think it would be great.
I'm glad to hear an update on your Wycliffe plans. How exciting!
My kids and I will be in Spokane a bit in July. If you aren't too busy I'd love to meet up at a park and have a chance to meet you! Shoot me an email if you are interested. I know it's kind of different to meet blogging buddies, but don't worry...I'm totally normal...whatever normal is. :)

Heidi said...

training camp is a really neat experience. Fall will be a good time to be there.
Heidi in Wa

Family Hope Ministries said...

I can't wait for you guys to be back over here! YAY! Also, I ended up with the movie "Annie" that is not ours. Do you know who's it is? I can give it back to the owner. :) Check out my brick path on facebook. It is finally done on the one side of the house. Those are your bricks. :)

Rachael said...

Hi Jane! We won't be in Spokane anytime soon, but I can email you where we live and we can see how close we are and maybe meet sometime if we're close enough--that would be fun! I can't remember if you have an email link on your blog-I'll try to remember to check when I am back on tomorrow or the next. :)
Thanks Heidi-we're excited to go!
Hi Marie, the video is Jen P's-oops! The rest of the video is probably in a box somewhere--its a two dvd set. We're excited to settle in too-pray that Daniel is able to work efficiently and quickly!

The Keevy Family said...

Rachael, we will be in the Spokane Valley area. I imagine you will probably be up north somewhere. My email us alltogetherbeautiful at gmail dot com