Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bed-Ridden Daddy and his girls

After a week of taking care of a sick hubby, the house and the two babies (okay one baby and one potty-training toddler), Daniel knew I needed a break. Besides giving me a break to go shopping by myself to get some deals. But he also let me get some work done in the kitchen for almost an hour while the girls played around/on him in the bed. They were having a pretty good time.

Daniel was feeling a lot better in these pictures by the way.

Our bed IS our bedroom. Pretty much the only thing besides a dresser that fits in there. But its ours and its cozy:) You learn quickly what you really need when you have no space!

The best toy for a 5 month old? A plastic hanger. And a 2 year old sister to watch.

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Jamie White said...

Hey Rachael. Found your blog through your online ITP. Hope things are going well and that you guys are all getting healthy again! I'm inspired by your pantry eating. I'm going to try save money and to get ready to move! We got the "go ahead" to be in NC in Jan. Whew! Exciting and scary :). -Jamie White