Saturday, November 28, 2009

Walgreens Post Black Friday Awesomeness

Dragging a hungry, tired 6 month old around shopping close to her bedtime is usually a very bad idea. This time it was worth it! I got some amazing deals at Walgreens and since it was the last day of the sale I had to get there or forget about it! So get there I did.

I bought the above pictured items for about $13 after a $1 RR I had and a fistful of coupons. And I got $10 in RR back (after several transactions) to spend next time! I would have actually ended up with $12.50 in RR but for some reason a $2.50 RR did not print on one transaction. But the clerk was being so patient and kind that I didn't bother to ask about it. We drink a a decent amount of diet caffiene free soda when we can get it for cheap so that was a big reason to go. The men's shave gel is something we always run out of too, so I was happy about that. And free chocolate? Well that is a necessity of course! ;)

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The Keevy Family said...

Good for you! You make me wish I would of changed my mind and gone!