Thursday, November 12, 2009

Visiting Grandma & Grandpa G again

The girlies and I are back at my parents, but not to live, just to visit. I finall got my cracked tooth covered with a permanent crown (EXPENSIVE!) and my parents will be watching the girls overnight so Daniel and I can have some couple time at a local hotel and out to eat on a real date. Its much needed time away for us:)

We also will sharing about our plans with Wycliffe on Saturday at a home meeting at my parents' house. We've had a ton of people let us know they couldn't come due to other previously made plans so another bunch of people were invited at the last minute. So we'll see if anyone actually can come! I hope so:)

We are blessed that we have loving and involved grandparents on both sides of the family. M gets so excited when she gets to see anyone called grandma and grandpa!

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Auntie Gin said...

Although we had a quick trip over the mountains, it was lovely with the new snow fall on the trees and the sun was ACTUALLY shining! Rob and I were impressed with your presentation and of course I especially enjoyed playing with the girls! Hope to get A or E to come along with me the next time I visit. Love to all.