Sunday, February 14, 2010

Loves me some grocery bargains

Safeway and Albertsons this week. Some hot deals on oil, TP (amazing how much you go through as a family of 4 adults and a toddler!), and yogurt. $10.xx for 3 bottles of smart balance oil, 1 olive oil, 24 rolls of TP some clearance canned goods (broth, cranberry sauce, marshmallow fluff(mom wanted this???) condensed milk etc. for $0.25/$0.50 ea).

Safeway: inspired by ecoupons and the hope for some freebies I went to Safeway. And I was not disappointed. I got 3 free yogurts: Fiber one and 2 yoplus. Cheap Nestle Choco Chips: one for $1.24 and one for $0.74 after ecoupons and paper, better than free frosting, 4 cookie mixes for about $0.50 each, 4 brownie mixes for about $0.50 each after coupons, 5 lbs of apples for $2.57, whole wheat flour for under $3 after coupons found at store, oscar meyer bacon marked down to $0.99 and I think that's about it. Total was $12.02!

Not a healthy week, but we have been working through a stockpile of many other items such as canned veggies/fruits and a bunch of organic milk, eggs and meat markdowns from the previous week. We also have been eating a huge bag of oranges, carrots and celery so we have some fresh stuff we're working through.

Meal plan coming tomorrow!


Lorna said...

I'm so excited. I got 4 Right Guard deodorants for free from Safeway yesterday! They had an unadvertised special of $1 each, then I learned about buy 2 get $2 off coupons online. Wohoo!

Rachael said...

Nice Job Lorna! I tried to print those but they wouldn't print for me here-not sure why:(

That's an awesome deal! Luckily we have a good stock of other kinds of deoderant already but guys' is always harder to find.

maygan said...

great shopping! I love the combo ecoupons and paper coupons at Safeway!