Monday, February 8, 2010

Menu Plan for the week of Feb. 8th, 2010

Last week was some week! Some very good things happened, for one we finished moving out and got our house rented out! Now we're just praying it goes well while our renters are there this next year:). Another is that we've been able to be involved in my parents' home church and have been encouraged by some of the things happening at the church amidst the difficulties of losing their pastor and half the congregation recently.

But last week was also filled with hardship for our extended families with my dad losing his job as a VP market manager for the bank he's worked for the past 16 years. The bank is restructuring and eliminating two of the market manager positions althogether so its not about him but it was a crazy shock to the family. We also have a serious health scare that we will find out more about with extended family soon. But God has been good and we've seen His hand in the timing of our coming over here at this time so clearly.

cold cereal, pancakes, scrambled eggs (I got 6 dozen on mark down for $0.09 at Safeway this weekend!!!) bacon



Monday: Leftover Seven Layer Bean Dip, chips, carrot sticks & dip

Tuesday: Baked Potato Soup and Beefy Vegetable Soup for my parents' Bible study group (we'll eat leftover super bowl foods of some sort:)

Wednesday: Peanut butter noodles (didn't get to this last week), frozen broccoli

Thursday: BBQ meatballs (make extra plain ones for Sunday) over brown rice, broccoli

Friday: Easy Homemade pizza or frozen pizza

Saturday: Meatloaf from freezer, mac n cheese, peas (another we didn't get to)

Sunday: Spagetti with meatballs (from Thurs.), garlic bread, green salad

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mom2priceboys said...

When a job door closes a 6 dozen egg window opens.

Rachael said...

God provides in all sorts of ways, doesn't He? :)

Leah said...

The Peanut Butter noodles sound pretty good. Might just be able to get my boy to eat them :)