Thursday, February 25, 2010

Here we are in NC!

We arrived safely at JAARS in NC on Monday afternoon. Our computer cable went out last week and a new one arrived in the mail yesterday-so we are back with the internetz!

If you are wondering about the fact that we left on Sunday but didn't arrive until Monday that's because we got bumped in Houston (but we volunteered) and spent the night there. So God provided over half our return airfare by doing that ($350!). Very cool. Anyway, we are settling in, with special thanks to Daniel's parents who left this morning. They brought a boatload of wonderful toys (many from Daniel's parents' church in Indy!), clothes, food and other wonderful necessitiies of a comfortable life here. What a blessing.

I am learning the ropes at my new favorite store, Harris Teeter and enjoying a THREE bedroom apartment! So much room its crazy. So, needless to say we won't be "roughing it" while here, but will be missing our friends and family at home lots.

Daniel begins aviation orientation on Monday (and the wives actually have a class with them the first day too). There are two other guys doing this training, one pilot and one pilot/mechanic. Daniel is a mechanic in case you were wondering;).

I'll have pictures up soon, but am pretty awesome and left our camera at the Peruvian restaurant Daniel's parents took us to yesterday. Ooops. We don't have a car here so we'll get it back on Sunday when we go to church near there in a JAARS rental car.

We're glad to be connected to ya'll again!


Lauren said...

so great to hear you arrived safely! i enjoy reading up on what is happening in your lives! thanks for sharing :]

maygan said...

glad you made it safely! Sounds like you're having a great time!

Herina said...

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Kim said...

Have a wonderful time! Isn't amazing the unexpected ways God blesses us?

Lorna said...

Glad to hear of God's provision for you all. Looking forward to your future posts while you're there. Enjoy the 3 bdrms!

Lenora said...

So good to get an update! We are praying for you!