Friday, February 19, 2010

North Carolina here we come!

In T minus 2 days we will be in North Carolina (@ JAARS)! Although I am not looking forward to the plane trip one bit (2 littles with way too much energy for over 8 hours!) its going to be good to get there and get settled. That said its going to be hard to say goodbye to the grandparents (on my side of the fam) for the first extended time and its already been hard to say goodbye to our church home. So in the interest of not dwelling on the sad things, here are some things I am looking forward to in NC!

~ Harris Teeter and SUPER DOUBLES!!

~Finally seeing my awesome in-laws again!!

~Getting to see and live near our friends from Equip, J & J and their sweet daughter(s)!

~Sweet tea:)

~Southern hospitality and charm (I need some more of both!;)

~Being a part of a new church (mixed feelings of course-I am trying really hard to look forward to this one!)

Anyone have other things we should be excited about in NC?


LStewart said...

What part of NC? I live in the mountains of Western NC. Was born and raised here. I'm not sure there is anywhere else on earth I'd rather live.

Rachael said...

We'll be in a tiny town called Waxhaw. Are you near there?

LStewart said...

I live about 4 hours west of Waxhaw. I'm near Cherokee, NC.

Jamie White said...

We can't wiat to have you here! The sweet tea sure is great . . . and we're learning lots of other things we like about life here. Praying for safe travels.