Monday, April 12, 2010

Loves me some NC grocery bargains 4/11/10

Here's what we'll be eating this week.
Its hard to believe we are already halfway done with our time here in NC! 4 months is an awkward amount of just start to feel at home and then its time to start planning for the trip home! Well...its good for us to realize that no place is really our home anymore. Anyway, on to the shopping! Harris Teeter, Food Lion, CVS and Walgreens:

My shopping total for this week was: $43.72.
Harris Teeter:
Strawberries $1.25
Choc ful o nuts coffee $1.75
Sorrento string cheese (free after rebate!)
2 gallons whole milk $1.99 each
2 cans tomato sauce $0.57/ea
2 BC warm delights $0.16/ea
V8 fusion $1.00
HT natural applesauce $2.00 (huge jar)

4 lbs oranges $2.99
20 bananas (some are overripe so were $0.39/lb
1 lb hamburger
2 jars Classico (BOGO plus I had a coupon for $1.50 off beef wyb 2!)
organic prune juice $1.57 clearance, for my little one who needs help w/pottying!
Ore ida hash browns $1.25
Medium eggs $1.26
Earths Best organic baby whole grain cereal $2
2 lbs carrots $1.49
2 jars skippy PB clearance for $1.50/each
Split peas (for dinner tonight!) $0.90

Dove conditioner
dark chocolate reese's cups
(both free after ECB's)

mouthwash $1.99
pictures free!
Hair Color $1.99 (to cover my lovely shade of early grey:)
W brand childrens' tylenol for my poor sick baby (so expensive!) $6.99
Total...can't remember but I used up ALL my RR's and then some!

Total $43.72!

I also went to HT today. We're trying to eat more fruit and veggies as a family because Daniel and I both have weird health "issues" and are trying to resolve them w/o expensive dr.s visits if we can!! I spent just over $7 (after sales/coupons) and bought:
large bag fresh Spinach
Fresh Strawberries
Steamfresh veggies (2 packs...broc and peas)
Turkey Bacon
Whole Milk (daniel signed up to bring to mens' prayer breakfast!)
2 packages Flipz choc covered pretzels (free after coupon)

I also have a $5 rebate coming back for the Sorrento string cheese (found on package) and $4.50 ini ECBs to use at CVS next week. I forgot to put the free photos we got from Walgreens in the picture.

What deals did you score this week?

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