Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tools of Bible Translation Part 5

This week I began work on a Helio aircraft unique to JAARS. We continue to operate this "ancient" aircraft because of it's amazing STOL (Short Take Off & Landing) ability. The Helio has served Bible Translation for many years, but is slowly being replaced with aircraft that run on less expensive turbine fuel.

Performing an inspection...

96in dia propeller...yep 8ft

A major part of the Heio's STOL ability... movable leading edge slats

Taxing presents a challenge, because you can't see directly in front.

Beautiful day at the airport

Though my work week was great, the highlight of my week (rather, the thing I chose to highlight) was church today. The Pastor finished his series on the temptation of Jesus. Interesting that obedience to the Father led our Savior to the cross, not around. If the disciple is not above his master...

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