Monday, April 5, 2010

Loves me some NC grocery bargains 4/4 shopping

If you want to see what we'll be eating this week go here.
Harris Teeter Triples: $4.63

I made one last trip to the triple coupon event at Harrs Teeter after I thought I was done. One last trip for freebies was great, but we were out of necessities (peanut butter, bananas and coffee filters are necessities in this house don'tcha know?!). Someone from JAARS has lent us their car indefinitely so I was able to go on Tuesday.

Coffee filters were on clearance for $1.07 for 200 which is enough to last us the rest of our trip here and then some! I used a Skippy coupon that tripled (not the most amazing deal but $1 for PB when you need it is okay). Free tortillas, rice, cups, yogurt, coffee, tea, cheap pineapple, cake mixes, Mayo & baked beans rounded out that trip.

HT, Food Lion, CVS: $32.55

Food Lion, Harris Teeter and CVS(after coupon prices):
Harris Teeter:
Birdseye frozen Veg: $0.30 to free each
Breakstone Sour Cream: free
Pinto Beans $1.29
Onions $1.97
Smart Balance Butter $0.75
Can't believe its not butter (less than $0.50, can't remember)
Dixie Crystal sugar 4 lbs $1.50
Potatoes 5 lbs $2

Ham $8.15
Snuggle Fabric sheets: free!
6 cans veggies $2
Bananas $2.50 ($0.50/lb)
Kraft Shredded Cheese about $0.75/each
Crystal Light $1
3 5 lb Gold Medal Flour ($0.95 each after peelie and sale!!)
12 Kool-Aid $1

CVS brand Shampoo Free after in store coupon
Folger's coffee $1.74

Total for the week $37.18

I am trying to be better about keeping track of my spending accurately, so I am keeping track of it here. I tried writing it down, but I lose the paper! On a Word doc, but I forget to write it down! So maybe this will be better. We are also going to try a monthly grocery/drugstore budget instead of weekly this month.

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couponandsavingsguide said...

Great Job! I love triple coupons at Harris teeter and Lowes Foods! It only happens every few months, but that is when I really stock up on misc.