Monday, April 26, 2010

Tools of Bible Translation

This week I continued work on the Helio Courier...we are hoping to be done in a few days. After maintenance the Helio will need to be flown to 10,000ft for testing. (I'm hoping to accompany the pilot!) The highlight this week was seeing the Cessna 207, destined for Cameroon, roll out the door. They are hoping to fly it to Washington state in a week for the engine conversion. Though most of our work here is technical in nature, I was reminded again as watched the 207 roll out the door that we are about much more than simply maintaining airplanes. The 207 will go to Cameroon where it will play a vital role in Bible translation.

The 207 before...

...and after.

all we need are seats!

Running and swinging the compass on the 207

Our church here in NC!

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Rhoda said...

Wow that plane looks quite improved!