Saturday, January 15, 2011

Grocery Trip 1/15/11 (loves me some grocery bargains)

I finally was under budget! My last couple of weeks have been over (when counting toiletries etc.) so I was happy to even things out a bit this week. Albies' doubles helped ALOT.

Total Spent this week: about $37
Below: Albertson's (3 doubles transactions), Food Pavillion mostly for produce, and Safeway.

Albertson's again (3 transactions of doublers). The Kikkoman cat did not print for me. But, somehow they were still free with coupons and doublers, so a good deal for something we use a lot of.

This week is a good illustration of why couponers can pay very little for groceries and not just eat junk. We have a few treats (juice, whole grain crackers w/cheese filling, a few butterfingers) but mostly real food like produce, yogurt, veggies, nuts, hummus, meat and several reasonably healthy cereal choices.

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