Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip (loves me some grocery bargains)

Rite Aid and Walgreens: $15, but I have $10 in RR for WAGS next week. The special K was less than $0.30 a box after bogos and UP rewards. We are SO stocked for breakfast!

Freddies: $25. This was my last stop late at night but I scored a few freebies and good deals. I FINALLY found Toby's products and got some tofu dip with two free coupons I've had for almost a year. Also found a breathe right free coupon in the coupon Xchange. The Adam's PB was $2 each (not an amazing deal) but I found rebate sheets in front for buy 2 Adam's PB get a $10 gift card! I thought that would come in handy sometime for the hubby:), $0.49 FE salad kit, $1.50 for string cheese, $1.49 for Jimmy Dean Delight breakfast sammies (a treat), and cheap oranges, bananas, pickles round out the big trip.

Albies: $7. Most of this was from the Newspaper $2, eggs $1.99 and the Sprite $2 for $3. We have sickies here who requested sprite so it was an okay deal for me. The Fiber Plus, Wholly Guac, and Xtra detergent were free, bestlife spread was $0.50 even w/o a double.

I finally ran into some other serious couponers last night @ Albies. A bunch of cute young ladies (mommies?) were comparing notes and transactions and the bagger gave them a new sheet of doublers after each transaction! I knew I was in the right place:)

Spent $2 @ Wal-mart today on white beans and brown sugar so that brings my total for this week (and also the new month's total) to $49.

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D said...

Wow, which bagger was that! I've been avoiding Albies lately, just because it's so hard to do seperate trips in and out with all the kids.