Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"French" taco salad

This is probably sacreligious(I mean we should be eating cheese, bread and wine every night in France, right?!? ;)but we had taco salad tonight and it was really good:). We used Emmataul(sp?) cheese, creme fraiche and fresh veggies from the market. I think I'll have to make my own salsa in the future, I saw some cilantro at the market as well as peppers. They have a small selection of dried beans in the grocery store here so I was able to do that how I normally do with white and red beans. The peppers, avocado, and cucumbers were from the Saturday market as well and were delicious.

My happy taco salad eaters...both cleaned their plates. Success!

I would love any ideas for good, not-too-difficult meals that are more "traditional" to eat in France if you have them!

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