Friday, November 25, 2011

Fun in our new French apartment

We are enjoying our new apartment in France. There are definitely some things that are different and challenging, but we are enjoying being here. Here we are trying our our oven for the first time for some baking (morning glory muffins). It was definitely tricky to get the right temp for the oven (you have to light it and it has holes in the back...very different from what I am used to!)

Marianna is very excited about here new 'bunk bed". Sister sleeps underneath on a little mattress.

The girls are enjoying the little kitchen that the White family left for us to use.

Daniel and the kids enjoying a wrestle match.

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AikoVenus said...

Everything looks so lovely! It must be a lot getting accustomed to a new place - I get frustrated even cooking/sleeping at a different person's house at times! ^^