Sunday, November 27, 2011

We love to eat (in France)

Mmmmm...we love us some (storebrand) Nutella!

So much nutella love that we can't limit it to going INTO our mouths, but must covered our lips and faces (and sometimes hands and arms) with it. Nom nom nom.

But before the nutella came the snacks and meal. Snacks: popcorn and frozen peas. Getting creative with the veggies. Some times its worth the fight to get them to eat every last bit of veg on their dinner plates, sometimes I use my "mom skilz" and make them fun and no fighting. Frozen peas seem to work lately as a fun veg. Also, bringing a big bag of cut up carrots and cucumbers out to the playground with us as the ONLY snack ensures they will be devoured.

The boy and a rare teething biscuit treat. Gracefully smeared on everything within reach.

Our Saturday Market treats: apples, cabbage, leeks(I think), organic sour bread and some local honey. Most of it is gone already, except the honey. We'll try to limit that tasty treat a little better:)


Yaya said...

Sounds like you're settling in well! The Nutella looks YUMMY!! And I love your mom skilz!! You ROCK!! :P

Rachael said...

We are settling in very well. Daniel starts classes today so pray for us! He's in the second level class but we are really beginners (but no beginners class is offered right now) so this will be a stretching time for us! Its a fun place to live and explore for sure!