Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day at the Saturday Market

Feeling adventurous, we went to the Saturday market all by ourselves this morning. We *thought* we knew how to get there, but remembered that it moved to a new location this week! We got a little lost. But we discovered a pretty older district of the town in the process that we'd like to visit again. I also used some of my skills and bought leeks, some sort of cabbage, a few apples, organic bread (that was by accident...found out that was why it was so expensive after we got it home!), and local honey. Its a good way to get food and work on language skills at the same time:). We don't think we'll be eating out or traveling much while in France, but trying a new food occasionally is a nice treat.

These pictures were taken before the big heading home meltdowns occurred. And while mommy & Louis were trying our sweet french skilz out on unsuspecting vendors (as in "deux" and "merci"...awesome, I know).

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