Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mt. Cameroon and Ewwwwwwwww...

The girls got a box of Halloween goodies from uncle Bob and Auntie Beverly. It was full of lots of sugar and lots of nasty stuff like gummy snakes and eyeballs in slime. Here the girls are enjoying the "goodies" or shall I say "grossies?". We love our Uncle Bob and Auntie Beverly!

We are packing up for Cameroon as well as France (a wee bit stressful to do all at once!) and here is our ginormous pile of stuff we've acquired or boughten so far. We'll be registering at Target next year so our friends and family can join us in helping to set up our first household in Cameroon.

What's in these tubs? Stuff we either can't get in Cameroon or stuff that is cheaper to ship than to buy there. Bug spray, clothes for Marianna (size 8-10 girls...yikes!), size 3T and up for Louis, skirts for me, kitchen stuff (we bought knives, pots and pans and got some other things but will register for the rest), some of the kids toys that we hate to part with, medicines, a few convenience food items like Taco seasoning, etc.

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