Saturday, January 21, 2012

Marianna's school

Here's our big girl in front of her school. They are picky about taking pictures so this is as good as it may get. She sometimes rides her scooter there and is FAST! She likes it quite a bit, but it sees the exciting newness has worn off a bit and she has realized that she doesn't understand what people are saying! So she's had a few days where she wasn't loving going as much as in the beginning. But she is learning a lot and we noticed she has a friend or two already (that she must find SOME way to communicate with!). We are thinking about inviting one of her friends' families over for dinner. The dad speaks good English and it may be a good way to build a relationship, possibly share our faith and possibly practice some french. Last night she started counting in French (which we'd practiced at home) but she kept going....all the way to 20! I know we haven't practiced that far together more than a couple times. So it is exciting that she's learning already. I imagine it won't be long til she corrects our pronunciation;)

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Auntie Gin said...

Mais oui, she is the picture of a pretty little French schoolgirl. I don't think my years of high school and college French would help much in pronunciation either. She will be hearing it spoken every day at school and will learn quickly I am sure. Miss you guys very much!