Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Haircut, Chapeau and big boy

Louis has gotten very fast in pulling himself up...and he can do it on pretty much anything. He's still a little unsteady on his feet probably because of his pigeon-toedness. He's still the cutest guy in the world (next to his daddy:)

Marianna learned more about the Gallette tradition in school today and everyone made crowns. Olivia is just a ham.

I decided it was time to start getting Marianna's hair evened up with her growing-out bangs. So out came the scissors and here's what we ended up with. I was originally thinking of going shorter, but I decided to try to keep it long enough for a partial ponytail.


J. LaRaine said...

The haircut is absolutely FAB!! I love it! I enjoy your sounds like you are having a wonderful adventure.

Rachael said...

Thanks so much J! I just wish I could cut my own hair (which I will...but it certainly won't be so cute!) Thanks for following along with us, I love your photos!