Monday, January 16, 2012

Menu plan

My trip to the saturday market pictured with my super cute helper eating an apple. (and our new big and sturdy table and chairs...yay!)

The vicious cycle of too busy to menu plan, but too busy not to have one has begun! So I am going to at least get a rough idea of what we'll have this next few days (mostly crockpot) sketched out to save us all further headaches:).

Monday: Fortunately this afternoon I pulled out a win with the crockpot at the last minute: italian zucchini/green beans. Sliced zucchinis, leftover green beans, chopped tomatoes, italian spices, olive oil and a jar of spagetti sauce mixed with a couple eggs cooked on high for 3 hours. I served it over noodles for the rest of the fam with shredded cheese. Daniel said that we could make it again, which is major for me! Also made homemade dressing for our salad (Smoked Paprika Vinaigrette).
Tuesday: Twiced baked potatoes ("bake" in the crockpot), smoked chicken, cooked carrots
Wednesday: Chili (in the slow cooker of course:), cornbread, mixed veg.
Thursday: Slow cooker corn potato chowder, fresh bread
Friday: (our tradition now) Hamburgers, homemade fries and fresh veggies

What's on your menu?

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WorkingMom said...

Really need to focus on eating out the pantry and freezer, which I do this time every year, which is somewhat complicated by Hubby's and my current diet. Tonight will be leftovers, as we cooked a turkey dinner yesterday to warm up the house.

Love your "Italian veggie" crockpot dish. I do the same, but leave out the eggs and put boneless skinless chicken in the tomato sauce. The chicken will fall apart after cooking in the sauce.