Thursday, July 23, 2009

Loves me some bargains July 21st, 2009

Well these aren't complete grocery trips for the week by any means, but they are some awesome deals so I thought I would share.

We did the Rite Aid rebate deal for buy $50 worth of certain products, get a $25 gift card back. I also got a baby bottle so that my mom can feed baby O when I get my tooth looked at on Monday. Since I might not have a washing machine at first when we move into our new house in a week and a half, I thought I should stick to disposables a little while longer. Oh, I will also get a coupon for a free pack of diapers with this deal. I spent (yikes!) right over $50 for the following, but with the free pack of dipes and gift card its still a good deal for me.

Also, this is so crazy but somehow I got all pictured below at Albies for $0.55. 2 packs of playtex gloves, 2 6packs of angel soft tp, 2 rolls of sparkle paper towels and sugar. They were having problems with ringing it up and couldn't take my debit or gift card because it was offline. So I was digging for cash and they told me not to worry about it-so my real oop was actually $0! Crazy, I know.

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maygan said...

wow, that's awesome! I saw the diaper deal at RiteAid and had to reason with myself not to do it...I took a break from cloth diapers while I recovered but had so many stockpiled I still have boxes.