Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Twice the Value-double the fun

My energy and motivation for deal hunting are still not back up to normal, but I did get some deals with the Albertson's Twice the Value coupons yesterday. Daniel was sick most of the day but he felt well enough to go to the store with me by late evening. We only had our 6 week old with us so it almost felt like a date!;)

We each did one transaction with three doublers. After using the $6 in catalinas from my tuna mac trip, we spent about $5 for all this and got $3 back to spend next time. Plus I got several things I was looking to buy whether a good deal or not-the pickles, splenda, baby wipes and diced tomatoes for chili.

By the way, if anyone knows an Albertson's on the kitsap penninsula with more tuna packets today let me know-we've already eating almost half the packets we bought (9 of them!) so we're going through the tuna deal much quicker than I thought.

So here's what I bought for $5 (and my picture didn't turn out for some reason:(

Nalley's Pickles $0.89 after doubles
2 Starbucks frappacino bottled drinks $0.39 each after doubles
Huggies Wipes $0.50 after doubles
Hunts tomatoes $1 after sale
2 Skippy Natural's PB $0.99 each after store coupon (and got $1 oyno too)
10 boxes kraft mac n cheese $1 total after oyno catalina from last time and B3G1
Splenda tablets $0.69 after doubles
Oscar Meyer bologna free after doubles
1 2 liter albertson's diet lemon lime (for sore tummy) $1

Grocery Cart Challenge is the place to be for more shopping trips!


maygan said...

The store up in Kingston had a ton the last time I was there. Brem was out yesterday (and by that, I mean there were 2 pouches). They will write you a raincheck though, which might not be a bad idea anyways since starting tomorrow you can get free snacks with them too!

I'm going to try Silverdale tonight, will let you know if it's worth a run.

maygan said...

Silverdale had quite a bit of tuna this afternoon! I picked up 45 pouches, but there was still a lot left on the shelf. Good luck!!

The Keevy Family said...

Good for you! My hubby doesn't shop with me, you are such a lucky girl!

Rachael said...

Thanks again Maygan for the tips-I ended up getting enough for a couple months,so that was awesome. And for only a few bucks!
Jane, my husband was awesome to do the doubles transaction for me!! It is a rare occurence (couple times a year),but welcome when he does!